Terms & Conditions of Carriage


This ticket is issued and conveyance undertaken subject to the following standard conditions which include the exclusion of liability contained herein and any person being conveyed by the carrier agrees by the purchase of a ticket,to be bound by the conditions and restrictions herein.


The carrier JULDAN MOTORS is a duly registered company in accordance with company laws of the republic of Zambia.


  1. JULDAN MOTORS its shareholders,directors,officers,employees,servants or agents shall not be liable (whether in contract or delict) in anyway whatsoever for any loss-injury or damage (including but not limited to consequential or special damages or loss of profits) of whatsoever nature and whether or not caused by them arising out of incidental to or connected in any with the conveyance or failure to convey by JULDAN MOTORS of any passenger or person.
  2. The persons name on the ticket issued by JULDAN MOTORS or any other third party ,who claims an obligation due to it/he /she by JULDAN MOTORS  hereby waives a CLAIM it/he/she may ave against JULDAN MOTORS arising out the issue and conveyance of a person and or unaccompanied goods or luggage.
  3. The waiver referred to in clause 2 above will be binding on ,the heirs dependents, assignees,executors,trustees or third persons name on the tickets.
  4. In the event of tickets issued by JULDAN MOTORS for travel on ,vehicles or services to be provided by other operators the passenger further agrees to be bound by the conditions of carriage of such other operator and Juldan motors shall no liability in any manner whatsoever to such a person irrespective of the circumstances giving arise to such liability.
  5. In the event of JULDAN MOTORS employing the services of another carrier to carry out the  journey undertaken in this ticket,wether in whole or a portion of the journey,the passenger or any other person shall have no claim against JULDAN MOTORS for any delay caused and loss(including but not limited to consequential loss):or any other reason such passengers claim may be limited to claims against such carriers,as provided for in their standard conditions of carriage.


This ticket is not transferable and is valid for use only by the Persons to whom they are issued(passengers)and for the date and time shownthereon.lt is the passengers responsibility to ensure that the correct information is shown on the ticket.Passengers are obligated to travel the complete journey as set out to the ticket and a variation of travel will only be entertained if a ticket is issued in accordance there with and that the appropriate fees are paid.A maximum of one child under 3 years of age(I.D to be produced)maybe conveyed free of charge with each fare paying adult passenger.


No altered tickets will be recognized.Passengers are to ensure that JULDAN MOTORS effects any change to the ticket and that JULDAN MOTORS replaces with a new ticket embodying the changes.


Passengers are required to check in at the departure points 30 minutes before the departure time shown on the ticket.Failure on the part of the passenger to check in 30 minutes prior to the departure time on the ticket would be interpreted as a cancellation and the paseenger seat shall be offered for sale to stand by passengers on a first come first serve basis.


Unless  contacted to the contrary and at the sole discretion of JULDAN MOTORS each fare paying passengers is permitted to take free of charge ,not exceeding 40 Kg .JULDAN MOTORS reserves the right to refuse the carriage of luggage that does  not  comply with these  conditions.Large items  must be  carried in the luggage compartment and loaded only by companies servant or agent.passengers should obtain a JULDAN MOTORS luggage sticker when boarding.

JULDAN MOTORS: Will not be held responsible for loss or damage to passengers luggage,hand luggage or personal effect.No valued items are to be placed in the luggage holds.The carrying of firearms is not permitted on JULDAN MOTORS coaches.Harmful chemicals ,explosives or toxic substances will not be carried UNACCOMPANIED MINORS.

No unaccompanied children under the age of 12 will be carried.Valid passport will be required when the ticket is purchased and boarding the coach for unaccompanied minors JULDAN MOTORS accepts no liability in the safe keeping of such passengers during conveyance.


No animal will be carried with the exception of trained guide accompanying a blind person.


JULDAN MOTORS does not provide general insurance cover for passengers property or their luggage.All passengers should ensure that they are qdequately insured for any contingencies associated with road travel.


No standing passenger  shall be conveyed.Passengers may not lie sit in the aisle or toilet of the coach.No luggage may be stowed in aisle or toilet of the coach.Seat allocation shall be either on first come first serve basis hack,alternatively on a reservation basis.at the sole discretion of JULDAN MOTORS.


Passengers must ensure that they are in  possession  of valid travel documents for all cross- boader journeys JULDAN MOTORS accepts no responsibility for passengers who are not in possession of proper and valid travel documents or where entry to any country or territory is refused to any person for any reasons .No passenger shall have any claim of any nature against JULDAN MOTORS or its appointed agents,should he/she be prevented from undertaking or continuing with any journey as a result ,thereof


In accordance with the prevailing legislation smoking is PROHIBITED on all JULDAN MOTORS coaches.


Alcohol is not to be consumed on JULDAN MOTORS coaches and intoxicated passengers will not be conveyed.


The company reserves the right to undertake the conveyance of or the continued conveyance of any passenger(s)who violate any of the above terms and conditions.


JULDAN MOTORS will make every effort to keep the current published time table but services may so affected by road ,weather or other conditions beyond JULDAN MOTORS control .JULDAN MOTORS reserves the right to cancel  any of its services for whatsoever reason  without notice.Passenger will then accommodated on the next available coach travelling the journey.

Under no circumstances will any liability be accepted for losses incurred by pre-booked passengers.JULDAN MOTORS will not be bound by fares quoted verbally to passengers when such fares differ on the purchase of the ticket.All fares and schedule are subject to change without notice.