Safety & Security

Your security is Juldan’s top priority. We take every precaution to keep your trip safe. But the real eyes and ears of the system are YOU. Here’s how you can help:

Be aware - If someone riding near you forgets a personal item, remind them to take it along.

Special handling ID tags are available for customers that need help with their luggage, such as elderly passengers, customers with disabilities or adults travelling with small children.

Please be sure that all your bags, parcels and luggage have an identification tag on them. These are available at the ticket sales office. Please make sure your bags are properly tagged inside and out.

Because the security of you baggage is important, each passenger must be in charge of getting your bags to the bus and transferring them.

Accidents are unpredictable but with our long standing experience and understanding of road safety, we strive to provide quality service to the travelling public and safeguard lives of the travellers. We guarantee you safety for the travellers and their goods on the bus as best we can.

  • Our buses have ample safe loading space for luggage.
  • Our drivers are experienced.
  • In cases of very long distances we do take more than 2 drivers.
  • We always make sure all our drivers have got PSV licences.
  • We always have a standby bus if the need arises.