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Lost property



Where do I get on the bus?

You board the buses from Intercity bus terminals in Lusaka for all routes. For Mongu and Solwezi buses can be boarded from our town office in Freedom Way.

In other towns you can board the buses from their various bus stops countrywide.


Do I need to book to travel on a bus?

Yes. Booking can be done a day before the departure day or a ticket can be purchased on the actual day and time of travel.

Bookings made are only valid up to 9pm the following day.

For Johannesburg tickets the booking must be done a day or two in advance.

Where do I buy bus tickets?

Tickets may be purchased from the various bus stops where the buses load.

Can I use my one-way bus ticket in either direction?

We only issue a one way ticket for every route due to timing differences,we do not issue return tickets.

How long is my Bus ticket valid for?

A bus ticket is only valid for one trip unless one misses the bus due to certain circumstances and the client is not sure when next they will travel. In this case the ticket will be valid for 2 weeks until it is rescheduled for a particular date.

Passengers who miss the bus due to time or any other circumstance beyond their control can reschedule their journey to any date of their choice within a two week period.
Passengers are advised to inform the company of any changes to their journey by calling the number on the ticket so that their place can be replaced.


How much time should I allow myself before departure to catch a bus?

The passengers should arrive atleast 1 hour before departure.

Are Juldan buses easy to access by wheelchair?

Most of the buses have easy access for a wheelchair but in cases where buses do not, we do provide personal assistance.

What time does the bus depart and arrive to a specific destination?

Please refer to Timetables departure and arrival times HERE. However, we may not leave or arrive at the exact time due to climate conditions and other factors that may occur.

Passengers who miss the bus due to time or any other circumstance beyond their control can reschedule their journey to any date of their choice within a two week period.


How many stops do the buses make?

Buses do stop at almost all points in order to drop off passengers however the buses do not take long at these bus stops.


How much luggage can one carry on a bus?

We allow per passenger approximately up to 40 kg. Anything over that weight will be charged for accordingly. Excess luggage will remain behind if the owner agrees so that it is put on the next bus and safety is guaranteed in such cases.

Lost Property

Who do I contact for lost property?

We keep the luggage until the client claims it. Tthe number to call is +260 955 776315 and you will be informed of any progress made on the finding of the luggage. We apply ID tags on parcels with the name of the passenger and the destination.


What does it cost for children to take the bus and can a child travel unaccompanied?

Juldan Motors has a policy of making sure that children are given priority in terms of safety and comfort. Children over 5 years have to pay a full fare ticket so that a seat is allocated.
Unaccompanied children must be 12 years or older and the driver should be informed about the child.

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